60 Plus Pledges to Keep Seniors Safe.

Pill BoxFor any American senior, health and safety is their top priority. That's why 60 Plus is firmly behind stopping the prevalence of manufactures, doctors, and pharmacies distributing unapproved drugs when an approved drug or its equivalent is available on the market. We are especially concerned because our members -- senior citizens -- make up a large percentage of those for whom drug prescriptions are written...   Read more >>>

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(Alexandria, Virginia) — Today the non-partisan seniors advocacy group the 60 Plus Association issued the following statement in support of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act.

By Robert Faturechi, Shan Li
The Los Angeles Times

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(Alexandria, Virginia) — Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the non-partisan, 7.2 million-strong 60 Plus Association, today released the following statement regarding the near one-year anniversary of the implementation of the Copyright Alert System:

May 23, 2014

The Honorable Bobby Jindal
Governor of Louisiana
P.O. Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Dear Governor Jindal:

We are writing on behalf of the 60 Plus Association, the nation’s leading conservative senior advocate organization with 7.5 million seniors nationwide and 110,000 seniors in Louisiana. Keeping seniors safe is one of our top priorities, which is why we are respectfully asking that you veto HB 1065, legislation which places seniors and their eyesight at risk by no longer requiring a medical degree or a license to practice medicine in order to perform various types of eye surgery.

(Baton Rouge, LA) — In a newly released radio ad, the 60 Plus Association, on behalf of its 110,000 senior citizen supporters in the Bayou State, is holding AARP’s feet to the fire for supporting dangerous legislation in the Louisiana State Legislature that waters down the standards of surgical safety and puts seniors eyesight at risk. HB 1065 and SB 568 would remove the requirement of a medical degree and a license to practice medicine in order to perform a wide variety of eye surgery.  Specifically, this legislation would allow optometrists—eye care professionals who are not medical doctors, not medical school graduates, and who do not have a license to practice medicine—to perform laser scalpel and laser surgery on and around the eye including such surgery as reconstructive eyelid surgery, glaucoma laser surgery, and injections of highly potent pharmaceutical agents into the eyelid and surrounding tissues near the eye.

The Louisiana House Committee on Health & Welfare is expected to vote in committee TOMORROW (April 29) on HB 1065. This legislation poses great danger to Louisiana seniors and their loved ones. HB 1065 will allow optometrists–who are NOT medical doctors and are not trained surgeons– to perform surgery on your eyes using scalpels, lasers, and needles.

Johnson-Crapo-Corker-Warner legislation, written by a former Countrywide Financial trader, will leave pensioners in the cold, add $5 trillion in national debt, and raise insurance rates for homebuyers.

(Alexandria, Virginia) – On Wednesday, the 60 Plus Association will release their second TV and radio advertisements in five states and Washington, D.C.  The advertisements will emphasize the special advantages afforded to big banks as part of the legislation, point to recent news reports that a former Countrywide executive is a key figure in crafting the legislation, highlight that the legislation will raise the national debt by having the United States assume all of the GSE liabilities, and that average homeowners will find it more difficult to obtain a mortgage, according to a recent report by Moody’s.

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